Pod vape systems are grouped into two types, including pre-filled pods and refillable pods. Here, we’ll talk about the first type, pre-filled pods. Some vapers may be unaware of how to refill the device and replace the cartridge. Others feel these tasks are a bit daunting. So, the pre-filled pod kits are an excellent way to master vaping without worrying about anything.

‘Relx’ is one of the most preferred pre-filled pod brands, and this blog will highlight it. The manufacturer of the brand is known worldwide.  

What Is Relx?

Relx is a technologically advanced electronic cigarette brand characterized by the complexity of its designs and high technology. They are currently producing many new technologies applicable to e-cigarettes.  

The company produces high-quality pod systems that are very easy to use. They are available as pre-filled devices, allowing you to choose your favorite flavor and enjoy vaping. Pak Vapes is currently offering four exclusive products in Pakistan, including Relx Pod Pro, Relx Essential Device, Relx Infinity, and Relx Basic Kit. The most interesting aspect is that smokers can get the same traditional smoking experience, as the liquids of these devices are in the form of nicotine salts.  

Pre-filled pod kits have an innovative mechanical seal. In Pakistan, these devices come with a pre-filled mechanism so that you won’t have a problem with the pod’s atomizers. These devices are suitable because they do not require you to refill them to put the liquid.  

The delicious flavors include mango, mint, dark sparkle, blueberry, classic tobacco, fruit tea, etc. They are available with various amounts of nicotine (3 to 50mg/ml). You can use these kits for a long time since the battery lasts between 48 and 72 hours.

The liquids with which these magnificent pre-filled pod kits came to us are fruit-flavored juices. We have to say that they are very fresh liquids, giving an excellent sensation when vaping. They leave a delicious taste in the mouth and are instantly satiating.

Relx’s Aim & Objectives 

Relx is an expanding brand worldwide and in Pakistan as well. We also see that they have many positive aspects. Present throughout the international arena, they comment that they are very committed to the vaping world. They aim to encourage people, especially traditional tobacco smokers, to quit smoking. So, as an integral part of their campaign, these pod systems significantly contribute to preventing new people from adopting the traditional smoking habit. Similarly, they encourage ex-smokers to switch to e-cigarettes as a healthy alternative to conventional cigarettes.  

Without a doubt, Relx is a responsible vaping company with many positive things they want to give to the vaping industry around the world. 

Relx – The Type Of Product

Relx pre-filled pod kits are very decent and quite effective vaping devices. Their elegant designs make them prominent in the vaping industry. We also found that the liquids that this pod comes with are delicious. Their puffs are smooth and soft, and the devices are compact and easy to carry.  

There is an integrated battery 350mAh and 380mAh (in various devices). In Relx Infinity, users can also use the charging case of 1000mAh to enhance the device’s life.

If you are thinking of switching from traditional cigarette smoking to vaping, then Relx pre-filled pod systems are the choice.  

Final Words

We hope this blog will help you decide about starting vaping and buying a suitable vaping device. Relx pre-filled pod systems are the best devices you can use if you don’t want to refill cartilages. If you need further information or you want to buy some high-quality devices with any flavor or nic salt in Pakistan, Pak Vapes is always within your reach. Prefer us as your reliable vaping mentor!