Pods, in most cases, use e-liquids containing nicotine salts. Nicotine is a salt that is extracted from tobacco leaves. In the laboratory setting, nicotine is combined with ammonia to get the freebase nicotine (pure nicotine). Smokers who switch to vaping prefer freebase e-liquids because they want the same traditional taste and experience. This is found in a wide variety of smoking cessation products.

Nicotine salts perfectly mimic nicotine in its natural state, so it is the preferred choice of many vapers. This blog highlights nicotine salts by talking about their characteristics and advantages..

What Are Nicotine Salts?

The extraction of nicotine from tobacco leaves is usually done with ammonia, as mentioned earlier. The result is freebase nicotine, widely used in different ways to quit smoking or make its consumption compatible with conventional tobacco. Salts, meanwhile, are an alternative.

The first thing that should be made clear is that it is the natural form of nicotine. And it is the most similar to how it is present in tobacco leaves. Its main difference from freebase nicotine is that it is usually accompanied by other organic compounds that give stability to its nature. The result is much closer to that of natural nicotine.

Compared to freebase e-liquids, nicotine salts have a much lighter throat hit. They require higher heating when in an e-liquid. They provide higher concentrations of nicotine.

When it comes to vaping, we can opt for pods with or without nicotine salts. It is a personal choice that is often determined by the preferences and needs of the consumer. 

Reasons To Use Nicotine Salts

In general, there are two reasons for those preferring nicotine salts:

  • They want to achieve superior absorption of nicotine. Liquids are much smoother and therefore easier and more pleasant to inhale. Even when high doses of nicotine are used in liquids, they do not feel harsh in the throat. In other words, by consuming less liquid, they consume the same or more nicotine, leaving vapers more satiated and satisfied.
  • They want to obtain superior satisfaction. For all practical purposes, the vaper maintains higher levels of nicotine in their blood for longer. This leads to a greater, longer-lasting satiating effect, savings in e-liquids —because they consume less— and a lower need to vape than usual.

Characteristics Of Nicotine Salts

We continue this explanation by analyzing the characteristics or features of nicotine salt.

  1. Its health effects are identical to those of freebase nicotine, as the source element is identical.
  2. They are not suitable for all vaping devices. It is typically not recommended for more powerful devices. Basically, it is recommended for use with pods without too much power. 
  3. They do not produce large vapors or huge clouds of smoke. If you like to do it, you will have to look for other options.
  4. Enjoyment and absorption are higher with a lower overheating of the liquid and without hard inhalation.
  5. To consume them well, it is necessary to maintain a personalized nicotine strength. Nicotine abuse can become dangerous to health.
  6. Savings on e-liquids. By increasing the nicotine concentration, you end up vaping less and, consequently, spending less. It should be clear that the intake of additional nicotine is correct for that person based on their characteristics. On the other hand, the habit and the level of final consumption will determine the periodic expenditure.

Final Words

We hope this blog will help all who want to know more about nicotine salts and want to try them. And if you need any device, flavored liquid, nicotine salts, accessories, or even if you want to buy vape replacement coils in Pakistan, Pak Vapes is always within your reach. Visit our online store, choose the right product, and experience the difference!