There’s no denying the fact that cigarette smoke is injurious to human health in unimaginable ways. It can cause lung cancer, mouth cancer, bronchitis, tooth day, and various infections. Thanks to so many awareness campaigns, people now realize the adverse effects of smoking and are looking for a way to quit for good.

No matter how hard you try, smoking is not easy to give up on. It’s both a physical and psychological habit that can take a while to quit regardless of whether you are an occasional smoker or a chain smoker. Several methods can help quit smoking, such as nicotine packs, gums, and patches. Among all the methods, vaping has proved to be the most effective one.

If you are looking for efficient means to give up on smoking, you are in the right place. We will take you through the entire process and help you quit for good. At Pak Vapes, we have a fantastic collection of vapes in Pakistan, so don’t forget to check it out!

Is it Possible to Quit Smoking by Vaping?

The short answer is yes. Statistics prove that smokers who turn to vaping have a higher percentage of quitting than the people who try to cut down on their cigarettes. Your body is used to a particular amount of nicotine, and decreasing it won’t do you any good. 

You need a replacement for the cigarettes to help fulfill your psychological and physical desire for nicotine. Vaping is known to successfully replicate the smoking sensation, making the switch possible.  

The Reaction of the Body in Transition Stage

Your body will experience some significant changes when you make the switch from smoking to vaping. These changes will be sudden and prominently visible. In the beginning, you might feel an urge to relapse, but you must make sure not to give in to your urges and strictly stick to vapes. Even a single puff of cigarette smoke will meddle with your journey and make quitting more complicated than it already is. 

Quitting smoking will promote a healthier lifestyle. E-juices do not contain any harmful elements such as carbon monoxide and tar. You will experience a better sense of smell and taste, your breathing will improve, your heart rate will stabilize, your immunity will get stronger, and you will feel fresh and energetic. 

Role of Vapes to Help You Quit

Vaping is a guaranteed way to help you quit smoking for good. E-cigarettes are the most efficient and reliable way to help smokers get through the transition. This has resulted in a lot of people being attracted to vaping. What makes vaping so popular and effective is that it is perhaps the only suitable replacement for smoking and can match the smoking sensation. 

Indeed, other nicotine replacement therapies such as sprays, gums, and patches can deliver nicotine to the body. However, none of them have the potential to replicate smoking or give you the feeling of physical joy. All they do is satisfy the nicotine cravings, but in psychological terms, this is just not enough. 

On the contrary, e-cigarettes can help duplicate the sensation as you get to hold them in your hands. It is pretty similar to smoking minus the harmful components. It’s safe to say that vaping is a  healthier alternative to smoking that can help you combat the sensation, habit, and overall behavior.

Limit Your Nictone Intake with E-Cigarettes

Vaping has the potential to limit or even cancel out nicotine consumption altogether. Smokers who turn to vaping gradually decrease their nicotine intake and finally reach a point where they successfully reach 0mg nicotine. Most people are reported to quit vaping, while some keep an e-cigarette on standby with zero nicotine if they get a sudden urge out of nowhere.

The best part about e-cigarettes is that you can move at your own pace. There’s no need to make drastic changes. E-cigarettes allow you to take one step at a time and, little by little, cut down on vaping. 

Vaping is undeniably the best way to quit smoking. It is a healthier alternative that can save you from the horrors of cancer and various other diseases. It can keep your nicotine levels in check, and your tobacco intake is eliminated altogether. So, without waiting any further, switch to vaping today and observe noticeable changes in your lifestyle. Head over to Pak Vapes for the best e-liquid price in Pakistan.