Are you a smoker looking to kick the habit? Have you learned all the harmful effects that smoking cigarettes can have and want to get away from all that but all the other stuff like nicotine patches, gums, and such haven’t worked at all? Then this blog is the one for you because today, we will talk about vaping and how it can help you kick that stubborn smoking habit for good.

Research has been conducted that has shown that vaping is a much safer option than cigarettes and that it can help wean off smoking too.

If you like smoking, chances are your body craves nicotine, but cigarettes are harmful due to the fact that they burn tobacco to get that nicotine to you. Burning tobacco creates all sorts of toxic fumes that if inhaled can seriously harm your lungs.

Vaping, on the other hand, gives you that nicotine hit through an e-liquid that you can enjoy without the harmful effects of tobacco smoke.

So, let’s take a look at why vaping is better than smoking:

Transition From Smoking to Vaping is Easier

Vaping offers the same sort of nicotine treatment that a cigarette, a patch, or a gum might but compared to patches or gums, the transition becomes easier to vaping because of how similar it is to smoking.

E-cigs and vapes are held and vaped just like you would smoke a cigarette, which fills that subconscious need to have something in your hand. Vape rigs, kits, and pens come in all shapes and sizes that you can pick according to your preference.

Nicotine Consumption Method Isn’t the Only Problem

If how nicotine was consumed in cigarettes was the only problem, then things would be less complicated, but it isn’t the only problem with cigarettes. The way cigarettes are made, they contain many other harmful toxins and chemicals. These toxins and chemicals are not found in vaping, as an e-liquid is purely made to deliver that hit of nicotine and flavor.

This allows vapers to satisfy theri cravings and avoid all the negative effects that smoking cigarettes can have. Vaping is considered to be the complete alternative to smoking.


Cigarettes are harmful, but they are also quite limited. The vaping experience is amazing and, if explored well, can introduce you to a whole new world of flavor and excitement. There is so much that you can do with a vape that is just not possible with a cigarette. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of flavors out there and many different kinds of vapes that you can try to tailor your experience to what you prefer. You can vary and decide what amount of nicotine you want in your e-liquid so that you don’t consume more than you should.

Healthier Experience

Vaping can even put an end to your nicotine cravings. As with smoking, your body doesn’t just get used to the nicotine but the other effects. When these are removed, you can also work towards eliminating the cravings for nicotine that you have.

The amount of nicotine that you vape can slowly be lowered and lowered until you eliminate all the harmful effects of the other toxins and chemicals and even lower your nicotine content to a level that you feel is acceptable. There are many vaping devices that allow you to adjust the level of nicotine that you consume so that you can keep it in check.

Slowly, you can lower your nicotine level to the point where you go from seeing this as something you have to do to seeing it as a fun and recreational activity that you can enjoy without worries or dependency.


Smoking cigarettes is a thing of old. The world is quickly moving towards vaping, which is considered much more preferable and healthier. And if you are considering moving towards vaping yourself, then hopefully, this blog helped you in taking that leap from smoking to vaping. Pak Vapes is an online vape shop based in Pakistan that aims to provide vapers with the best experience possible. We have a great collection of e-juices, vape kits, rigs, and pens that you can get at excellent prices. So, take a look and grab what you like today!