Vaping is growing in popularity as time progresses. The focus of the newer generation falls more towards e-cigarettes than traditional smoking because of the lesser risk factor associated with it. Vaping is also less expensive when compared to smoking. 

If you are looking to quit the habit of smoking or save some money without having to quit, you have another option. Vaping can help reduce health risks and be a good way to avoid cravings for people trying to let go of their smoking habits. However, before considering the option, weigh your pros and cons. The points mentioned below will give you a brief guide about vapes before you give it a go.

How Vaping Differs From Smoking

Vape is basically an e-cigarette in which a liquid is heated and the resultant vapor is inhaled. The main ingredient in vapes is nicotine whereas propylene glycol and other inactive ingredients are also added to these e-cigarettes. Either the heating of liquid is powered through a battery or a solar panel. 

Vaping differs from smoking in such a way that the smoke generated from traditional cigarettes contains tons of toxic chemicals whereas no such smoke is exhaled while vaping. The hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, lead, benzene, arsenic, and various other toxic chemicals excreted into the environment through cigarette smoking can destroy and harm natural life. Animals, plants, and humans all can become passive smokers when exposed to a cloud of smoke coming from a cigarette being inhaled by a third person. Vaping saves from these harmful effects with the no-smoke phenomenon.

Science of Smoking

Once a person switches from cigarette to smoking, it is important they understand what the use of vaping devices can do to their body. In Pakistan, vape pods have gained popularity over the years due to various reasons. One of these is the awareness among the new generation about the harmful effects of smoking and while vaping runs its own risks, it is free from a lot of chemicals found in traditional smokes.

Nicotine is present in vapes that, once inhaled, gets absorbed into your bloodstream through the alveoli in your lungs. From there, it crosses the blood-brain barrier and poses its effects on the function of the brain. Adenosine receptors attach nicotine to themselves and get stimulated to generate the sensation of being high. A saturation of e-cigarettes happens with nicotine which also provides the ‘buzz’ experience that comes with vaping.

Risks Of Vaping

Heart diseases, lung cancer, stroke, and bronchiolitis obliterans can be developed with continuous use of vapes. The transition from vaping to cigarettes is easy because the addictive effects of nicotine make one crave for higher concentrations. Although vaping can be effective when trying to quit the habit of smoking but if used over the limit, similar withdrawal symptoms as experienced with smoking will be noticed. These include anxiety, severe cravings, and inability to focus.

The number of throat infections caused by vaping has even exceeded smoking. More detectable and chronic symptoms of nicotine withdrawal have been reported in several cases. A severe condition called nicotine poisoning was also developed in rare cases.

Vaping offers a touch of flavors that come in many varieties. Every consumer can find the flavor that suits them best and fits their mindset. But beware of misuse and avoid getting addicted to its use.

Benefits of Vaping

One major benefit of vaping is that it can help in the transition from smoking to no smoking. The number of cigarettes a smoker consumes can be reduced with the use of vaping devices. A study suggested a 50% decreased use of smoke cigarettes in people practicing consistent use of vaping devices.

Because the vapor in vapes is inhaled and not the smoke that arises from it, it can help smokers quit. Additionally, various chemicals that are found in tobacco smoke are absent in vapes which further elevate the chances of quitting. The addition of flavors like strawberry, chocolate, peppermint, and menthol, etc helps step out of the basic tasteless experience of traditional smoking.

Method Of Use

A custom tank and battery are required to be able to use a vape. Vape prices depend upon the type and accessories that come with it. There are two main types of vape tanks, a Bluetooth-compatible one and a tank inside a tank that can be screwed to your device. The former holds the e-liquid in a single vape. The tank is filled with an e-liquid to the top and then is placed into the device for vaping. After insertion of the tank in the latter type, you can easily vape the e-liquid.In short, vaping can be an effective way of abandoning the habit of smoking. However, some considerations and limitations need to be set and followed so you can meet your objective of quitting. At Pak Vapes, there is a variety of vape tanks on sale currently. Get your hands on one to make the process of quitting an easy ride.