Vaper’s Tongue is a condition, common amongst vapers, where a vaper loses their ability to taste the vape liquid. This is very common and happens from time to time when a person vapes excessively. The condition usually lasts for a couple of hours or days and goes away fully without causing any permanent damage. However, some vapers have been claiming that vaper’s tongues can persist for up to two weeks, where they cannot taste the e-liquid flavor at all.

The phrase “Vaper’s Tongue” became common years ago because many vapers began to notice that their tongue developed a thick coat that blocked their ability to taste. Even though the vaper’s tongue doesn’t really affect the nicotine absorption or vapor production, you may face problems in tasting the e-liquids, which hinders the overall vaping experience.

This guide will take you through the causes of the vaper’s tongue and nine ways to get through it.

Why Can’t You Taste Your Vape Flavor?

We have around 2000 to 8000 taste buds in our mouth, which regenerate every ten days. The sense of taste, also known as the gustatory sense, requires saliva in order to keep the taste buds working properly. Unfortunately, a downside to vaping is that it is known to cause dry mouth sometimes, a direct result of too much mouth breathing (inhaling vape smoke). So when we don’t have enough saliva, our ability to taste becomes mostly non-existent.

Another reason for the inability to taste e-juice is flavor fatigue. An experiment showed that the olfactory sense, also known as the sense of smell, loses its perception of an aroma the longer it is exposed to it. The full flavor perception is developed by both taste and smell senses working together. However, the olfactory sense accounts for up to 70% of our ability to perceive a flavor.

The final reason why one might be suffering from a vaper’s tongue is because of smoking. Research shows that smoking can mess up your taste buds for good. So if you have recently quit smoking or if you still smoke, your sense of taste may have suffered. Although there is no reason to worry, as it usually rectifies itself after a month, starting from the time you quit.

9 Ways To Get Rid Of Vaper’s Tongue

1. Drink More Water

Many types of research have shown the positive effects on a person’s health. Although if you are suffering from a vaper’s tongue, you may be able to benefit from water as well. Keep hydrated by increasing your water consumption, especially if you vape on a daily basis. So whatever the cause of your dry mouth maybe, your first priority should be to drink more water.

2. Use Oral Hydration Products

Biotene, or products similar to this, are oral hygiene products that can help temporarily cure dry mouth. These products come in various types, ranging from mouthwash to overnight gel. The ingredients used in Biotene include PG and VG that help overcome dry mouth, hence avoiding a vaper’s tongue.

3. Clean Your Tongue

Cleaning your tongue every time before going to bed and after waking up is another way to ensure that you are getting the best flavor from your vape at all times. So add another step in your morning and nighttime routine and use tongue scrapers to remove the coating on your tongue. This will ensure you don’t develop a vaper’s tongue.

4. Stop Smoking

We all know that smoking has a lot of negative side effects, including hindering your ability to taste. So one of the best things you can do for yourself is to quit cigarettes. If you are having a temptation to go back to smoking, try to fight it off by vaping. Because if you go back, you may end up worsening your recovering taste buds.

5. Take Longer Breaks In Between Vaping

If you vape back to back, it will take a toll on your taste and smell receptors. So it is important that you cut back on your vaping, and one way to do that is by increasing your nicotine level. Higher nicotine content will help satisfy your cravings for a longer period, so you can go longer before you need another hit. Although if you don’t want to increase the nicotine content, then the only thing you can do is take longer breaks to give your taste buds a rest.

6. Switch E-Juices

If you are vaping the same flavor over and over, eventually, you will feel it getting less and less vibrant than it was before. The olfactory sense doesn’t have the capacity to tune in to a single aroma for more extended periods. So if you want to fight flavor fatigue, try switching up your e-liquid flavors from time to time. Use this as an opportunity to experiment with flavors you won’t normally use. Ideally, you will want to choose a flavor from an entirely different category. For example, if you currently use and love a coffee e-liquid, switch it up with a fruit or candy one, or vice versa.

With these few tips, you will successfully fight off the vaper’s tongue in no time.

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