Vaping is a fun-filled thing. You get to taste distinctive and unique flavours with a massive cloud production from your vaping device. Since the year 2022 is already started, many fellow vapers will be looking out to experience new flavourful, nicotine-infused e-liquids and new vape devices. If you are in search of freebase e-liquids, check out our collection.

Let’s start this blog, and we will tell you about the top picks of exciting vape juices and incredible vape devices that made their way to this list. Let’s see what those are:

VOOPOO Drag 3 (Regulated Mod Kit):

The first on this list is the pioneers in making incredible vaping devices for fellow vapers and the vaping industry. VOOPOO is a well-recognized vape brand among people across the globe. The brand has rolled out some of the finest regulated mod kits for the industry. Drag 3 is one of those devices that ticks all the boxes for the vapers. It has a sturdy build with luxurious leather on the device. It does give a premium look to the vape device. Moreover, it boasts a duo of 18650 batteries that let this maestro put out a maximum wattage of 177 watts. Also, it is powered by GENE.FAN 2.0 chip that lets you utilize the high burst mode.

What’s more significant about this device is that it is highly compatible with the TPP, PnP, 510 connectors, and TPP coils. If you want to try out incredible freebase e-liquids with this regulated mod kit, check out our collection.

Vaporesso XROS 2 (Open Pod System):

The second pick on this list is from a company that has skilled artisans working for it. Vaporesso is a well-known vaping brand for rolling out some amazing vape devices for fellow vapers around the world. XROS 2 is one of those devices. Moreover, it is a successor of the very-famous XROS from this brand. It is a sleek-looking device that is handy. Also, it is pocket-friendly and easy to use. Furthermore, it boasts a 1000mAh integrated rechargeable battery that allows you to have your all-day vaping experience.

If you don’t fancy pressing the fire button, you can use the mouthpiece for the draw-activation. All in all, you can use both. Moreover, the battery indicator will alert you when you have to juice up your device.

You are aware of the top picks in the vaping device category; now, we will tell you about which e-juice you should give a shot this year.

Binjai Sweet Mango (Freebase E-Liquid):

The first pick of our e-liquids list is an amazing offering by a Malaysian brand, Binjai. It is well-known among the vapers across the globe. People are aware of this brand because the skilled artisans at Binjai put their efforts into producing and creating incredible fruitful and flavourful concoctions for the vaping industry. Sweet Mango is one of those offerings. It’s a mixture of luscious, creamy, and sweet mangoes that deliver an exciting flavour whenever you take a hit of this e-liquid. If you are in search of freebase e-liquids of Binjai, check out our collection.

Beyond Berry Melonade Blitz Salt (Salt-Nicotine E-Liquid):

The second pick on the list of e-liquids is from an e-juice brand that is pretty well-recognized. Beyond has been in the vaping game for a while, and it has rolled out some fantastic blends under its belt. Berry Melonade Blitz Salt is one of those incredible mixtures from this brand. It is a flavourful blend of tangy, ripened blackcurrants paired with luscious watermelons and a hint of sour lemons. More to this, it is topped up with nicotine to give you a smooth flavour on the exhale.


To sum this up, we have told you about the top picks that you should get and try this year for your vaping experience. If you are in search of salt-nicotine and freebase e-liquids, check out our e-juice category.