Smoking is a common bane in university students. Visit any university campus, and you’ll see heaps and heaps of students puffing out smoke in the air. 

With the advent of the vaping scene in Pakistan, a lot of students are making a change. They realise the harms of smoking and are switching to a better alternative. That’s surely a positive sign. However, there are times when you’ll need to be a little more prepared with your vapes. 

For instance, when going on a university trip. When you are in the city, you may not need to make any vape preparations. Because there are so many vape shops, you can visit whenever you need something vape-related. 

But when you are out, you’ll need to prepare. Because ill-preparedness means that you can revert back to smoking.

Here’s how you become ‘vape prepared’ for your university trip:

Carry extra pods and coils

These are the external vaping accessories that you must carry for sure. Your pods can burn. Your coils can burn. If you are going for just a day or two, then they may work fine. But even then, you shouldn’t take a risk. 

People usually vape more than normal on trips. If your pod burns, you can easily switch to cigarettes. 

Keep extra bottles of flavour

You don’t want to run out of flavour in the middle of the trip. 

A completely filled pod or tank can easily last you more than a day. Plan accordingly. It’s a bummer to sit there with empty tanks and wish that you had the refill option available. 

Keep extra bottles. That way, even if people share your device, you have enough to meet your nicotine needs. Plus, you can carry multiple freebase e-liquids so that you enjoy the variety on your trip.

Look after the batteries

If your device is powered with external batteries, then carry extras. When you travel, you don’t always have access to power outlets. 

That means that your experience ends when the vape deadens. But with extra batteries, you can get the drained ones replaced with the charged ones. Charge them all when you get access to a power outlet.

Carry a power bank

Not all devices come with external batteries. 

Portable devices like UWell, Voopoo, etc., come with attached batteries that can run out after 12 hours of use. A simple fix to this problem is to have a power bank. That way, you can easily use the device for more than 3 to 4 days even if you don’t get access to a power outlet.

If possible, you can get spare devices as well. That way, you have an extra option in case your primary device stops working. The point here is that vapes and their accessories aren’t available in remote areas. 

Unlike cigarettes, you’ll not get all that stuff readily. So you need to be adequately prepared for any unforeseen situation.

Get the best stuff

Don’t get sub-quality vape stuff. That’s never advisable, but it’s a cautious thing, especially when you are going on a trip outside the city.

Only get the best stuff so that you have an amazing experience when you travel.

Final Words

Trips with university friends are an experience of a lifetime. Don’t let that ruin because your vapes stopped working, and you got cranky. Prepare the right way!

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