VGOD Pod 1K Disposable Ice Mango Bomb


Product Highlights: 

  • Disposable design 
  • No maintenance needed 
  • Improved battery 
  • Lightweight and thin design 
  • 4mL capacity of juice 
  • Approx. 1000 puffs 
  • 60mg salt-based nicotine flavour 
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Disposable vapes are amazing. You can taste a new flavour every time you pick one from the pack and enjoy a whole new flavour. VGOD’s 1K Disposable Ice Mango Bomb is the best disposable vape for the vapers out there. It has an incredible concoction of luscious and succulent mangoes squeezed and mashed into a disposable pod to give you an incredible flavour whenever you take a hit from this vape. Once you take a puff from this vape, you will stay glued to this vape. After experiencing this flavour, you can stock it for your vape collection. You will keep coming for more and more, so it will be better that you keep these pods as many as you can. You will keep this device with you whenever you are heading out or going somewhere.

Order these incredible disposable vapes of VGOD from Pak Vapes and get on a fruitful flavour vaping experience.


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