VGOD Pod 1K Disposable Ice Apple Bomb


Product Highlights: 

  • Primary flavours: Apple, Sour and Menthol 
  • Nicotine levels: 50MG 
  • Juice capacity: 4mL 
  • No.# of puffs: 1000 
  • Ready to use device 
  • No maintenance required 

Pre-filled disposable pods are the best for vapers who look out to experience some different flavour every time. VGOD Pod 1K Ice Apple Bomb is an amazing pre-filled disposable vape. It has a delicious and delightful concoction of tangy, citrus apples paired up with cool mentholated ice to give you a smooth flavour with a cool kick of menthol whenever you take a puff of this. You will feel a burst of flavour inside your mouth when you take a hit from this disposable vape. You will get refreshing and revitalizing vibes on the inhale and exhale. Once you get indulged in this flavour, you will keep desiring for more and more. You will keep this disposable vape in your pocket or backpack, and whenever you crave for it, you will go for it. What’s stopping you from stocking these disposable vapes in your vape collection? Get ‘em for your cravings.

Order this disposable vape of VGOD from Pak Vapes and get on a flavourful vaping journey right now.


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