Vaporesso Gt 8 coil


Product Highlights:

  • Enriched flavour with dense clouds
  • Wide range power selection
  • GT Meshed inside
  • Traditional and ceramic cotton
  • Adopted in NRG, Cascade, and SKRR Tanks
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Coils inside your tanks and pods are the main thing that gives you the flavour and cloud production. You have to put the coils that match your needs and preferences. Every coil has its own distinct and unique features which let the vaper enjoy their vaping experience in a different way. Some coils have less ohms in them while others have higher ohms in them. Vaporesso GT Core Coils are a life-saver for people who want to experience something different than normal. These coils give you a rich taste as well as dense clouds. You can choose the wattage you like whenever these coils are equipped for your device. On top of this, there’s a pre-installed ceramic and traditional cotton in it which makes sure that you get an incredible flavour. You can enjoy the real taste of nicotine salts with these coils.


  • Coil parameters: 15.5mm x 18.1mm
  • GT2 (0.4ohms) = 40-80W
  • GT4 (0.15ohms) = 30-70W
  • GT6 (0.2ohms) = 40-100W
  • GT8 (0.15ohms) = 50-110W
  • GT MESHED (0.18ohms) = 50-85W
  • GT CCELL (0.5ohms) = 25-35W
  • GT CCELL2 (0.3ohms) = 35-40W
  • GT4 MESHED (0.15ohms) = 50-75W

What’s in the box:

  • 3 x Vaporesso GT Core Coils


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