Vaporesso Gt 4 coil


Product Highlights:

  • Deep and rich taste with dense clouds
  • Wide-range power output selection
  • GT-Meshed Inside
  • Available for ceramic and traditional cotton
  • Adopted in NRG, Cascade, and SKRR Tanks
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Vaporesso is an amazing brand for rolling out wonderful devices as well as their replacement products. These replacement products make it easier for the user to change them according to their needs. Many vapers want to experience different flavour with less or more clouds. It totally depends on them. Vaporesso GT 4 Coil pack is a pack of coils that will let you choose the coils that fit your needs. You can go for the ones with fewer ohms or the ones with higher ohms. If you want an enhanced flavour with good cloud production, Furthermore, the coils have their own pre-installed ceramic and traditional cotton. You can enjoy salt nicotine’s original taste with these coils as well.


  • Coil parameters:5mm x 18.1mm
  • Wattage: GT2 (0.4Ω) : 40-80W
  • GT4 (0.15Ω) : 30-70W
  • GT6 (0.2Ω) : 40-100W
  • GT8 (0.15Ω) : 50-110W
  • GT MESHED (0.18Ω) : 50-85W
  • GT CCELL (0.5Ω) : 25-35W
  • GT CCELL2 (0.3Ω) : 35-40W
  • GT4 MESHED (0.15Ω) : 50-75W


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