STLTH Flavourless (2 Pods Per Pack)

Product highlights:
  • Primary flavours: Flavourless.
  • Juice capacity: 2mL
  • Nicotine strength: 0mg and 20mg
  • Each pack contains 2 pods that are pre-filled
  • Compatible with STLTH basic kit

Pre-filled flavoured pods are the best for many vapers out there who want to skip the messy refills and maintenance of the vape device. These pods have distinct and unique flavours infused in them so the vapers can taste something that is different. Most of these pods have a basic starter kit on which they can be equipped. STLTH’s flavourless pods are an ideal option for the vapers who don’t want flavours but want their nicotine needs to be fulfilled. This pod gives you a neutral taste experience. You just get your nicotine satisfaction done from this pod. There’s 2mL of e-liquid in the pod. The flavour inside these pods is specifically crafted for the people who want a strong and smooth throat hit.

Order these flavourless pods of STLTH from Pak Vapes and get a strong throat hit to satisfy your nicotine needs.


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