STLTH Banana Ice (2 Pods Per Pack)


STLTH Banana Ice:
Are you in the mood to indulge in a mixture with the flavor of lush fruit that you cannot get enough of? Well, STLTH brings you something awesome that will be perfect for your all-day vaping experience. Banana Ice is a blend of delicious bananas that is paired with menthol ice to give you a freezing effect while providing a strong throat hit. You will keep craving this blend every day. It will be a great choice to satisfy your daily vaping needs.


● Closed pod system.
● Compact design.
● Easy to use and easy to carry.
● Affordable.


● 2ml of e-liquid in pod cartridges.
● Specifically crafted and designed.
● Contains nicotine salts.
● Nicotine concentrations: 0mg, 20mg, 35mg (Bold 35) and 50mg (Bold 50mg).

What’s in the box:

● Two pods cartridges.


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