Native Wicks Cotton

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GG Vapes offers Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton crafted for use as a wicking material in specialized vaping applications by advanced consumers.

Native Wicks Platinum Blend is a modern, innovative, patented, multi-fiber blend of cotton, engineered with large fibers for better wicking, cleanliness, and flavor.

A patented combination of various fibers to improve absorption, wick capacity, and optimize cleanliness. Native Wicks " Platinum Blend," re-inventing how you wick again with their durability, clean cotton tasting. The modern standard is steaming now, and well into the future.

A groundbreaking blend of big, low-resistance fibers that ensure to give you a smooth vaping experience.

Increased wicking capacity and maximized taste lets you get the most of your desired flavors.

Designed and produced in a state-of-the-art cGMP accredited factory in order to make sure that you get safe products in your hands.

Does not contain toxins, pesticides or oils, and provides high-quality products.

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