Juul Pods Virginia Tobacco

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Switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes is not easy, especially if you can’t let go of the tobacco flavor. If this is your issue, you can get your hands on the amazing JUUL Virginia tobacco pod. The salt e-liquids found in these pods offer a completely unique and classic flavor of American-grown tobacco. We guarantee that you will experience the same or even better taste as you used to with conventional cigarettes. The pod offers an amazing aroma and the subtle hints of tobacco deliver a superb burst of nicotine that will make you put all other options to rest, forever.

Key features:

 A pack of high-quality JUUL salt e-liquid pods that have a strong tobacco flavor

 Every pre-filled pod comes with a 0.7ml e-liquid nicotine salt that offers 5% nicotine by weight to deliver the perfect vaping experience

 All the pods in this pack deliver around 200 puffs each.



Pack Of 4


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