Juul Pods Classic Menthol

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Cool off your taste buds with a revitalizing taste when vaping with the JUUL Pods Classic Menthol. Every hit you take will be packed up with ice-cold menthol that will keep you amused and revived on a high-temperature day. JUUL pods are created with nicotine salts, you will be getting natural nicotine right from the tobacco leaves which will let you get your daily nicotine dose. Juul Pods Classic Menthol is an absolute flavour for vape addicts that enjoys a pure and fresh menthol flavor that will keep you well pleased all day. An active menthol will do the trick it’s a way through your taste buds and keeps them chill and energized.


  • This is a limited-edition flavor.
  • Pack of 4 x JUUL Pods
  • Each pack should deliver 200 puffs before it is changed.
  • 5% of nicotine by weight (50 mg nicotine)

Pack Of 4


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