Finest Mango Berry Ice

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Finest Mango Berry Ice

The finest mango berry ice is the most tropical and exquisite e-liquid. It contains an everlasting blend of mangoes and berries with a hint of menthol. This overall taste gives an invigorating sensation that enhances the experience of vaping. This e-liquid is perfect for beginners and those who like fruity flavors. Among all fruity flavors of e-liquids, this flavor is the most popular for its distinctive taste.


  • It comes in a 60-millilitre bottle.
  • It has a child-resistant cap to prevent unrestrained falling.
  • It contains 3mg of nicotine.

Mango berry ice is manufactured by the Mango Berry Ice. This liquid is developed to provide a sensational effect to the people in each vape. It delivers a lasting vapor with less amount of vape. The effect of this flavor is not harsh due to its fruity blend.

Vape Cave has an exclusive range of flavors that helps the vapers to choose their best fruity e-liquid. Their online store enables people to buy their favorite products conveniently. You can get your mango berry ice cream from this store.


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