Are you new to vaping? Are you confused about which vaping device to choose? There is absolutely nothing to worry about if this is the case. This is quite a normal thing, as most beginners find themselves puzzled because of the obvious reason that there is just so much to choose from. It started with simple Electronic cigarette pens, but over the years, the collection has consistently grown to offer you a wide range of vaping kits and e-liquids. When talking about vaping kits, there are two basic designs that you should be familiar with; the mods, and the pods. Although they’re both vaporizers and work on the same principle, their different designs allow them to fulfill different requirements and provide different experiences to their consumers. This is what makes vaping so appealing. You can literally choose a device that’s been made specifically for your requirements—feeling excited already? We know you are! In this guide, we’ve listed some of the most incredible benefits these two styles have to offer. Here we go!

Benefits of pods:

1. Sleek designs:

Available in a wide range of attractive and sleek designs and shapes, vape mods look so appealing to the eyes that it’s enough to convince a customer. If you’ve ever been to a vape store, you might know the excitement of looking at all the different designs, shapes, and colors. Other than this, pods usually occupy less space than mods, which makes them an ideal option for people who like to carry their vaping device. Nobody likes to carry a 250 device, right? They’re small enough to fit in your pocket, allowing you to vape non-stop.

2. Better For Smoking Quitters:

You might or might not know this already, but Pods are mouth-to-lung devices, which means that the vapor from them gets drawn to the mouth first before you inhale it. Also, they provide greater throat hits and smaller clouds, delivering larger amounts of nicotine. This experience is very similar to smoking and helps people who switch from smoking to vaping.

3. Easy On Pocket:

Although vaping does require a significant initial investment, you can minimize it by purchasing pre-filled pod vapes. Not only are they pocket-friendly, but they also save you from a lot of hassle because their maintenance is comparatively easier.

Benefits of Mods:

1. Bigger Clouds:

Since mods were created for experienced vapers and people who like to do vape tricks and all, they deliver bigger clouds and a much gentler throat hit than mods. This is because they’re direct to lung devices, which means the smoke gets inhaled directly. The clouds that mods provide look really cool and allow the vapers to make smoke rings, smoke tornadoes, and lots of other cool stuff. However, people who switch from smoking may not find them appealing because the experience is just very different.

2. Longer Lasting:

You know that mods cost a bit more than other vaping devices but have you ever wondered why? This is because they’re made of strong and durable metals. Their overall structure is much stronger and long-lasting than other devices, and if maintained properly, a mod can last several years. Adequate maintenance is however very crucial in deciding the life of your vaping device.

In addition to this, they’re manufactured in such a way that different parts are assembled together, which allows you to replace only the part that stops working instead of discarding the whole device.

3. To Wrap Up:

All in all, both of the types come with their own advantages and it depends on your requirements. Considering the advantages mentioned above, you can decide which type would be more suitable for you. If you’re looking for the best collection of pre-filled pod systems, you can visit Pak Vapes to purchase them at the best prices.