The world of vaporizers is exploding with innovation and the market is overflowing with a wide variety of vaporizers. Despite the thousands of people who have switched to vaping, many still have no idea what it really is, what it is used for, and the differences between the many models out there.

Finding the ideal vaping device can be a difficult task. Among so many offers and much technical specifications you found, the choice can be complex. Therefore, in this article, you will learn concepts that you should know to start vaping.

Vaping is different from smoking

Vaporizers produce vapor and cigarettes smoke. The act of smoking and vaping is similar, but with different processes that cause different effects in your body.

The cigarette uses combustion, where the tobacco is burned, the paper surrounding it, and other harmful chemicals. So, a series of harmful elements are generated that affect the body.

The vaporizer heats a flavored liquid that may or may not have nicotine and generates vapor.

Remember that the electronic cigarette reduces at least 95% of the damages compared to the traditional cigarette.

One of the core advantages of vaping is that it helps you quit traditional tobacco smoking. So, you have a great chance to get rid of your smoking habit and live a healthy life with vaping.

Components of a vaporizer

Vaporizers have battery, atomizer, and liquid. Battery is the device that delivers the energy to heat the resistance and generate steam. They can be external (like ordinary batteries) or internal (inside the equipment and cannot be removed). Atomizer is the core thing that leads to a magic, inside is the resistance, and the liquid that evaporates. Liquid is the product that you put into the vaporizer. You may find a great variety of aromas and flavors. These may or may not have nicotine. You can choose the amount that best suits you.

Pods System

A pod is a simple consumable (atomizer + tank) that attaches to the battery. Pods are typically recommended for users who are beginners in the vaping world or do not want to complicate their lives. Generally, pods are small (in relation to mods), light weight, and do not require any knowledge to be used. Currently, this name is used to refer also to the type of equipment that uses this type of tank.

Pods generally have smaller atomizers. They generate less dense vapor and avoid shock on the palate, creating a sensation similar to smoking. However, this can be modified if the pod is advanced or is incorporated into an electronic mod with variable voltage.

Once the pods with closed systems consumed are discarded. Pods are available with an open liquid refill system and with interchangeable resistance.

Mods (modified vaporizers)

The first vaporizers were the cigalike (since they resembled a traditional cigarette). Afterwards, they came on the market. They are narrow cylindrical batteries with lithium batteries between 360 mAh and 1100 mAh and standard threads to replace the consumables. It was a quite useful and modern model in its time. Now, you may find modified vaporizers in the market, and more and more people are using it.

Electronic and Mechanical – Types of mods

Electronic mods

A single voltage for all consumables can be achieved from electrical mods without voltage variability. Electric mods with variable voltage through a display to optimize puffs. However, it depends on the type of resistance of the consumable and automatic electric mods that recognize the resistance of the consumable to automate the voltage it must receive. Therefore, this device balances the amount of steam and the flavor intensity.

All with a standard thread that allows the exchange of atomizer. Typically, these mods have display screens with the amount of puffs remaining, battery level, and even a voltage modifier or an LED light to reflect the battery charge. They are the vaporizers most used by hobbyists due to their ease of exchanging parts and simply regulating the power.

Mechanical mods

They are of advanced use because the user must have prior knowledge about its battery configuration and how to use the mod. The battery goes directly to the resistance and achieve the amount of vapor and flavor that you want. It is essential to know the ohms law thoroughly to use it safely.

Vaping has many technical concepts. Nevertheless, once you become familiar with them, it will be easier to acquire a vaporizer that suits your needs.

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