The most important motivation to start vaping is to stop smoking. Using vaporizers is more favorable to those who have carried the habit of smoking cigarettes for years. It is common to wonder for these people how effective a vaporizer can be and how to start moving away from smoking.

Since vaping began as a method to quit smoking, liquids and nicotine have always gone hand in hand. It is not mandatory. However, many ex-smokers, especially when they start taking vaporizers, need to reduce anxiety with certain doses of nicotine. Gradually, they get used to the lack of it.

Here, we summarize the key steps that must be taken to use a vaporizer to successfully quit smoking:

Change Gradually

To start using vaping as a tool to stop smoking, the essential thing is to start combining its consumption with that of cigarettes. This way, it becomes something gradual to which the body can adapt slowly. In this way, you will not even notice how you will be progressively smoking fewer cigarettes. So, if you want to cease smoking permanently, you need to gradually stop this habit, which is the most optimal way.

Know Nicotine Levels

If you are a heavy smoker, you may have accustomed your body to high levels of nicotine per day. When you do not receive nicotine in the usual way, you may feel discomfort. Try to calculate the equivalence of your daily nicotine consumption to an e-liquid that can satisfy the same level. You can migrate to e-liquids with it permanently or adjust its levels to a lower one as you wish in the future.

So, one of the best things about vaping is that you can choose the level of nicotine in the liquids. You can even vape completely nicotine-free liquids. There are all kinds of examples of habits within vaping. The goal of many vapers is to gradually lower the nicotine concentration until it reaches zero. Other users continue to vape liquids with nicotine from the beginning without getting tired. There are also vapers that alternate liquids with and without nicotine.

Satisfy Smoking-Related Habits

Many heavy smokers are used to the sensation of tobacco and the ‘hit’ that nicotine delivers. However, many smokers have this habit because of the gestures that accompany the act of smoking. For the same reason, we recommend that if you want to stop smoking and switch to vaping, a “Vape Pen” style device is good. This device allows you to quench the impulse by those gestures so that you do not miss the cigarette. A device has also an option that delivers more vapors and that the sensation is even more effective than that of the cigarette. And, it is 95% less harmful as well.

Complete Migration from Cigarette to Vaping

If you want to stop smoking, you need to follow the steps above at the pace that best suits you. However, you also need to make progress in reducing cigarette consumption. Ultimately, you will have the ability to realize how much of the habits related to smoking have migrated to vaping. Vaping is 95% less harmful to your body than cigarettes. Once you no longer feel like smoking, you will have concluded, ending the process of changing the ‘switch’.

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Two Key Benefits of Vaping

Not everyone wants to vape without nicotine, not only among ex-smokers but also among vapers. What you have to understand is that vaping is not just introducing nicotine into our body, as if it were a nicotine replacement patch, but it is much more and nicotine is a component that may or may not be associated with our vaping. Many advantages are associated with vaping liquids that do not contain nicotine. Here, we are going to explain two of the key benefits.

Food Grade Ingredients

Unlike liquids with nicotine, liquids without nicotine are mostly made up of food-grade ingredients. If you fear that the nicotine bottles will spill or fall into the wrong hands, having liquids without nicotine will avoid that problem. Of course, anyone can be allergic to any of its ingredients. However, this is just an allergy problem and has nothing to do specifically with vaping.

Eliminate the Substance Causing Addiction

Another advantage is that by using liquids without nicotine we are eliminating the substance that causes addiction. As nicotine is an addictive substance, so if we remove it from the equation, we throw away that addictive potential. And it is not that you have to remove it from liquids (as can happen with caffeine in decaffeinated coffee). However, nicotine is not included in the manufacture of these, so it is only an optional ingredient.

As you can see, vaporizers can be an effective alternative to quit smoking – and even nicotine dependence. This change is gradual, progressive, responsible, and conscientious.

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