Vaping coil is one of the most essential parts of a vaping device, but it comes with a lifespan. A coil cannot last forever and needs to be changed. It is also an important aspect of vape maintenance. If you want to get good and smooth hits when you take a puff, it is important you take good care of your device and are aware of when the coil needs to be changed. 

If you do not change your vaping coil on time, it will result in the coil becoming old and worn out. This will result in a bad and burning taste in your throat. The whole vaping experience will be ruined. 

But the question is, WHEN?

When is it time to change your vaping coil?

These are a few important aspects to consider if you are thinking of replacement coils for vape:

  • Burnt taste during and after vaping

A good coil is a reason your vaping experience is so good. What happens when the coil is dead? Simple, you feel weird. You will feel a burning sensation in your throat. You might start coughing and feel off. 

Not only that, but a bad aftertaste will accompany the former, long after you are done vaping. 

  • The quality of hits declines considerably

What is vaping all about? The smooth and refreshing hit that you get when you vape. With a dead coil, the hits won’t be great and you will barely feel anything. For smokers that have made a recent shift to vaping, this might be a bigger problem than for others, as not getting a powerful hit may make them crave more and more. 

  • The e-juice will start to taste funny

You love vaping your favorite e-juices, but one fine day, they start to taste different. That is highly likely to be due to a dead or overused coil. 

  • Where is my smoke?

Depending on the intensity of your puff, there will be vapor leaving your vaping device. With your coil nearing the end of its lifespan, the quality of vapor will start to decrease no matter how hard you take a puff. When this happens, you might consider changing the coil immediately or giving it a bit more time. Depends on you and your love for vaping!

  • The device starts to make noises

A good vaping device never makes any noises or gurgles. If you notice that happening, it could probably be due to a flooding of the tank and an urgent coil replacement is now due. 

However, before you go on changing a coil, make sure the previous one is fitted properly as this could sometimes be the reason for the noise.

If you have tried both options and it still doesn’t make a difference, then there is probably something else wrong with your device and you should get it checked.

Does my device need a frequent vape replacement coil?

Vaping coils constantly undergo temperature changes and cannot last for a very long period of time. From being heated to cooled on and off, this causes them to become worn out and lose their touch. 

Vaping coils can usually last a month before they need replacement. However, this time duration is not set in stone and a lot of factors contribute to this, such as:

  • How much do you use the vaping device
  • The kind of e-liquid in your device
  • If you take strong or weak hits
  • The quality of the coil in your vaping device

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