If you are a former smoker and have recently started vaping, you may not be aware of a lot of things related to e juices. From DIY e liquids to expiration and PG/VG ratios, there is a lot to know for a beginner, so they can truly enjoy the essence of vaping. 

A lot of people switch to this less harmful, health-conscious alternative of vapes to satisfy their daily cravings, but they are unable to achieve the desired level of pleasure. This is because they either fail to adhere to the expiration timelines or do not understand how to extract maximum flavor from their e-liquid. 

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All You Should Know About Vape Juices:

Here are a few facts about e juices that every person should know, so they can enjoy their experience to the best.

1. Expiry Dates:

Vape juices do not have expiration dates. Unlike most food products that require manufacturers to put expiration dates on them, e liquids are stable and long-lasting. With a lasting shelf life and a balanced formula, you do not have to worry that your e juice will expire soon after it’s purchased. 

Generally, a bottle will last for two to three years after its production, on the condition that it was stored and packaged correctly. Therefore, while you may not find expiration dates on vape juice bottles, it is best to be careful and not use products that have been stored for too long, in stores or at home. 

2. Ideal E-Liquid Quantity:

This is highly dependent on the type of the smoker in question. If you are a standard smoker, a bottle will last you for two to three days. This means that you can have about two smoking sessions lasting for two to three minutes maximum in a day.

On the other hand, heavy smokers might need to buy a bottle every few days. For individuals who have longer and more frequent vaping sessions, it is recommended to purchase multiple bottles together, so they do not have to visit the store every few days. 

3. Flavor Ideals:

The flavor is a matter of personal choice for most vapers. Former smokers often enjoy tobacco blends with a combination of a light flavor like caramel or vanilla. Beginners, on the other hand, often go for more mild flavor tones like fruit blends, dessert flavors, and menthol. 

The range of sweet, savory, tangy, and sensual flavors in e juices will have you surprised. It is fair to say that there is a flavor in the market for every vaper. 

4. Strength Of The E Juice:

E juices come in multiple nicotine strengths to match the taste of a heavy or light smoker. If you come in the latter category and used to have less than ten cigarettes per day, you should try a 6 mg e-liquid strength. An intermediate-level smoker that has more than 10 cigarettes each day can opt for 11mg liquids, whereas heavier smokers reaching more than 20 sticks in a day can go for 18mg. 

You will see that the liquid will change its color to a darker shade as time passes. This shows that the nicotine strength is stronger, and it is being oxidized due to the presence of oxygen in the air.  

Here are some pointers to remember when you are using e liquids with refillable devices. Make sure to find the right flavor, the closest manufacturing date, and the most suitable nicotine strength to have the most satisfying vaping experience. Additionally, if you are searching for affordable coffee e-liquid flavors, head over to Pak Vapes. We have the widest collection of long-lasting, premium quality e juice brands.