Are you a fan of GeekVape products? Then you will surely love GeekVape’s latest and best GeekVape Aegis One Replacement Pod. In the last few years, GeekVape has built its brand image and reputation as one of the best vapes manufacturer in the industry. Including their several Aegis mods like the Nova Mods and Wenax pod, which is the beginner-friendly one.

The GeekVape Aegis One Replacement Pod is the classic replaceable pod device that is appropriate for use with the kit of Aegis One and Aegis 1FC. Aegis One Pod consists of a 0.8ohm coil and a 1.2ohm coil to give the best flavor for Mouth-to-lung vaping. It has a tightly sealed cap filling design with a capacity of 2.0ml. From pakvapes, you can get your favorite e-juices and pod salt in Pakistan for your pod.

GeekVape Aegis One Replacement Pod Specifications:

Weight: 70 grams approx.

Dimensions: 22 mm x 116 mm

Battery Health: 550 mAh

Charging port: Type-C DC 5V/1A

Output Current: 5A max

Output Voltage: 3.7V max

Output mode: Constant Voltage Output

Vaping: Draw activation / Fire Button

Available Colors:

  • Solid Black.
  • Silver.
  • Gunmetal.
  • Rainbow.
  • Blue.


It is a compact, rectangle-shaped pod with a decent sidebar, similar to several Aegis devices. Although it is pretty light in weight, it seems very strong in hand. There are five colors of the GeekVape Aegis One Pod available. Additionally, it has three LED lights on the bottom front that show the battery status and the mode of power you are using. Overall, it’s a perfect pod device. Moreover, t’s well-made, appealing and designed correctly.

It has a fire button you need to press to turn on the battery in the GeekVape Aegis One Pod because it is a manually operated pod device. The power button on this gadget serves as both a power meter and a battery indicator due to an inbuilt Led light. The highly sensitive button clicks clack, immediately turning on the battery. The Aegis Pod guide claims that the latency is less than 15 milliseconds.


The main selling point of Aegis products is not their superior performance. Although they’re fantastic devices, what appeals to buyers is the IP-67 rating and the exceptional design quality. It is needed to bring up since to do not let you have high hopes for the GeekVape Aegis Pod.

The coils are supposed to be the most crucial component of any pod device. Compared to the recent excellent coils seen in GeekVape pod setups. It’s also important to remember that these coils are placed inside the pod. The latest coils can not be used with the older models of GeekVape pods. However, the coils fit in the GeekVape Aegis One. It is comparable to the best pods of GeekVape with just a few minor variations.

Battery Health:

The internal battery of the GeekVape Aegis One is stated as 550 mAh, while the battery of the very identical GeekVape One is reported at 780 mAh but does not support quick charging. The Aegis, One bottom-mounted USB C port, has a 2A charging rate and an average of 15 minutes to get charged ultimately.

GeekVape Aegis One pod’s rating is that the real-time battery capacity is approximately 436 mAh. They are off by around 20%, which is very standard. It is preferred to be within 15% at the very least and within 10% at the most. Although most rounding, the charging speed is fair on the whole, and the duration and capacity numbers are too acceptable.

Pros and Cons of Geekvape Aegis One Replacement Pod

Although, this pod has a great many features and specifications. Additionally, it has an easy-to-carry portable design and builds. Moreover, there are exciting pros and cons of Geekvape Aegis One Replacement Pod, which are:


  • Fast speed charging rate
  • Passthrough vaping
  • Lasting life of coil and flavor
  • Easy to refill without removing the pod
  • Five Available colors
  • Long Lasting and Lightweight.
  • Adjustable power output
  • Compact and pocketable
  • Easy Usage


  • Adding a step would improve the battery indicator
  • Not very good battery life (and capacity is a bit overrated)
  • When in the device, the juice level is tough to view.


Despite occasional controversies in vaping, the GeekVape Aegis Pod sounds like a genuine Aegis device pod. It seems much more lasting than the numerous other vape pods by GeekVape in recent years, though the pod was not gone through harsh tests like flinging it from the top of the house or hammering it with heavyweight stuff. Users of the GeekVape brand should be satisfied with that.

The GeekVape Aegis One Pod’s lightning-quick firing speed and pleasant taste experience wowed its users in terms of performance. Still, they wish it had some airway modifier keys to make it more customizable for mouth-to-lung vaping. For Chinese company GeekVape, the Aegis brand has been a successful launch and for an excellent purpose. The GeekVape Aegis One mods are renowned for being among the world’s most robust and enduring pods.