Did you know that the first nic salts were invented in 2015 by a company named PAX? Their labs offered a better and smoother hit and ensured a better vaping experience was to come out of it. Since then, nic salts and their e-liquids have gained a lot of popularity and have taken over the vaping industry by storm. 

A lot of vapers are still not sure whether they should make the switch to nic salts in Pakistan or even give them a try. Well, in this blog we will tell you everything about nic salts. You can then make the decision for yourself!

Do I Use The Same Device For A Nic Salt?

The device that is used for a nic salt is called a nic salt pod. There is not a lot of difference compared to a standard vaping pod. However, they are smaller in comparison and also use less battery wattage to function. 

Their small size means they hold less vape juice than the standard size. However, a lesser amount of juice tends to give a better and stronger hit hence less juice does the work. 

What Are The Types Of Devices Used For A Nic Salt? 

Nic salt devices can either come in open or closed systems. So what is the difference between the two?

Open Systems

These can be manually filled over and over with different nic salt e-liquids. These e-liquids are available in a wide variety of flavours and contain varying amounts of nicotine. 

Closed Systems

Closed systems have filled cartridges or pods that come filled when you purchase them. They also come in a range of flavours and concentrations. 


In closed systems, however, you can only use pods that are prefilled from before and are compatible with the device. This means you can only try flavours that are made for that specific system by the manufacturer. 


It is easier to use and you do not need to fill them yourself. So both of the systems come with their own pros.

Will Nic Salts Cost Me A Lot?

Well, nic salts have higher concentrations of nicotine, which means less vaping will produce greater hits. This means you will need to vape less often to achieve the same or even better result. 


A bottle of nic salt e-liquids will last longer than a standard e-liquid because less of it will be required to give the same vaping sensation.


We all know what this means, better experience, fewer costs! Would you still not want to give it a try? 

Why Should You Want To Try Nic Salts?

Apart from the cost-saving and lesser e-juice requirements, trying nic salts have many other advantages.


  • They mimic the experience of smoking better than standard e-liquids, so they are great for smokers looking to switch
  • The vaping device uses less wattage power and is easy and simple to use. 
  • User-friendly devices ensure more time is spent on vaping and not on learning how to use them properly 
  • Better vaping experience as nic salt e-liquids deliver the juice better in your bloodstream 
  • The hit you get from nic salts is smoother and more amazing
  • Portable devices and if you do not need to flaunt or show off your clouds, you can stay low key as these vaping devices do not produce huge clouds of vapour

Wrapping it up

As you can see, nic salts are a great option and have many advantages. Would you like to give it a shot and see if it provides you with the vaping experience you crave for? Get nic salts and devices from Pak Vapes.


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