Almost everyone wants to get into vapes these days. But there are a lot of things that one must take into consideration, like what kind of vape liquid to buy or what kind of kit to buy. There is also the question of whether one should buy a disposable or rechargeable vape?

Many experienced vapers prefer rechargeable devices, but there is also a demand, time and place for using disposable vapes. And disposable vapes can be great for those just entering the fray of vaping. Today, we will list all the pros and cons of both kinds of vapes so that you can make the right choice for yourself.

Disposable Vapes – Pros

There are many pros of disposable vapes, and arguable the biggest is the convenience and ease with which you can use a vape. Disposable vapes come pre-filled with a good flavor which means that you don’t have to waste your time making up your mind about what kind of flavor you would prefer.

Disposable vapes also come fully charged, ready for use. So, all you need to do is pick up the vape and start using it. And once the battery has run out, you simply dispose of it. And one disposable vape is usually the equivalent of one to two packs of cigarettes in terms of nicotine content. Disposable vapes are also compact, portable, and quite simple in terms of usage. They require no maintenance. These are some of the factors that can make disposable vapes an attractive option for someone who is just starting out.

The availability of disposable vapes is also much more convenient compared to rechargeable vapes. Disposable vapes have the advantage of not making things complicated, which doesn’t confuse the buyer. You just pick a flavor you like or you might like and then just vape it on the go.

Disposable Vapes – Cons

We just talked about the convenience of disposable vapes. And there are many of them. But there are also many limitations and disadvantages that come with owning a disposable vape.

For one, they aren’t rechargeable; this means that you simply dispose of them after use. This might be convenient for a beginner, but if you continue with it, the cost of buying more and more disposable vapes will add up at one point and cost a lot more in the long run. And since they are pre-filled, the kind of flavors you get is limited, and you can’t even change or refill the vape liquid to a flavor that you prefer more.

Disposable are vapes also run on one charge, which means that they don’t come with accessories like a charger, and the battery life itself is quite limited. Disposable vapes are also not as durable as rechargeable ones; neither are they the environmentally-conscious choice because of how many vapes you would have to dispose of.

Rechargeable Vapes – Pros

Rechargeable vapes ultimately have many advantages that make people switch over to them. First of all, since these vapes are rechargeable, you will not be disposing of them, which is an environmentally-conscious choice. Instead, just simply recharge the battery and keep using it. Rechargeable also have refillable pods, which you can fill with the vape liquid of your choice. You can try out different categories of flavors and nicotine strengths.

They are also quite durable and long-lasting, and certain rechargeable vapes can be adjusted or tailored according to your requirements. One of the best things about rechargeable vapes is that they come with an inherently high wattage than disposable vapes. And some even have buttons or switches that you can use to adjust the level of wattage your vape is using.

Rechargeable Vapes – Cons

The fact is rechargeable vapes need to be maintained well and therefore require more effort than disposable vapes. Though they are far from being complicated like vape mods can be, they still require cleaning, recharging and such service. And rechargeable vapes can cost more than a disposable vape would, though some argue that the long-lasting nature of it more than makes up for it. And there is also the cost of buying e-juices that can add up over time.


The bottom line remains that the choice is ultimately yours. Vapes are far more convenient than cigarettes, whether they are disposable or rechargeable. Their cost-effectiveness is higher, and you can explore many different flavors and nicotine levels. There are advantages and disadvantages to both variations, as they have been outlined to you.

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