Vapers often complain about experiencing a burnt taste in their vape. This taste is unpleasant and can ruin the whole mood. Not only does it meddle with your vaping experience, but it also causes a scratch at the end of your throat. This scratch can result in a cough and usually takes days to get back to normal. During this whole time, your sense of smell and taste also suffers, and you cannot enjoy your vape to the fullest.

The burnt taste can be caused due to several reasons. If you are a newbie in the vaping world and are disturbed by this problem, having no clue how to fix it, you have come to the right place!

Pak Vapes has the perfect solution to fix all your vaping problems. This guide will help you understand the reasons behind the burnt taste and how to fix it.

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What Causes the Burnt Taste?

To understand the burnt taste, you need to understand the vaping mechanism. What happens is that a wick soaks the e-juices in your vaping devices. When the coil heats up, it is transformed into a vapor that you inhale. The main reason behind the burnt taste is when there is not sufficient liquid in the wick. Here’s what usually causes the insufficient liquid resulting in burn hits:

  • Chain Vaping

Think of your vaping device as a machine that needs rest every once in a while. When you take several puffs in a row, the coil heats up a little too much, resulting in the burnt taste. Non-stop vaping does not offer the wick any time to soak the liquid. 

Due to insufficient soaking, the liquid starts to burn. So, the moment you begin to notice a burnt taste, let that be a reminder for you to put down your device and give it time to rest.

  • Incorrect Priming

Before you begin vaping, you must prime the wick, that is, soak it properly. This ensures enough saturation to minimize the chances of burnt taste. The wick is made of dry cotton, compacted tightly. The number of pores is decreased due to tight compaction. So, make sure you prime the coils properly before you fill the tank. 

  • High vape wattage

High levels of wattage can cause the e-liquid to evaporate quickly. Higher power results in a higher amount of heat, thereby rapid liquid evaporation. The rapid evaporation does not give the wick enough time to re-saturate. The result is burnt coils and, ultimately, burnt taste.

  • Less Amount of E-Juice

When you notice that your tank is low on e-liquid, and if you continue vaping, you may end up burning your device. Hence, you must be careful with your e-juices and keep them topped up. Ensure the e-liquid covers input holes around the coil heads and the tank is more than a quarter full.

Getting Rid of the Burnt Taste

Needless to say, the burnt taste can kill your mood and ruin the vibe. Here are some easy ways to fix the burnt taste.

  • Priming the Coils

This way is the quickest and easiest means of fixing the burnt taste. All you need to do is add some drop of your e-liquid on the new coil’s wick. Allow it to rest for a while. Screw the coil over it. Fill up the tank and clamp it on your vaping device. Inhale a couple of times to let the liquid flow before you activate the battery.

  • Prime Refillable Kits

For those who use a refillable kit, priming is even more accessible. What you have to do is fill the tank with e-juice. Let the device saturate the juice. Inhale a couple of times to ensure a smooth liquid flow before activating the battery.

  • Exceeding Power Limit

High wattage is your vape’s biggest enemy. Hence, you must never exceed the recommended power limit to keep the device in pristine condition. It will prevent the burnt taste and also prolong your device’s lifespan. If you’re a fan of intense vaping, switch to a high-power device rather than exceeding your low power device maximum limit.

With that said, just follow these tips, and you are sure to avoid the burnt taste. Your vaping experience will be maximized, and you can make the most of your e-juices. Make your way to Pak Vapes to get your hands on the finest quality nic salts in Pakistan and other vaping essentials.