IQOS Pakistan

Do you ever think of something that is easy for you and actually a real alternative to your smoking habit? Like something that will guarantee the same experience, you used to get while smoking a cigarette? IQOS Pakistan has the ideal options for that. You can always take a hit whenever you are on the go. You just have to have this device in your pocket with the heat sticks. Load the heat sticks in it, and hit the fire button.

IQOS have taken the alternative smoking game to the next level with these incredible devices. Let’s have a look at some of its features:

Heat-Not-Burn Technology:

IQOS sports a heat-not-burn technology. It utilizes some components inside its device that heats the inserted sticks in the device. It means it gives you the real taste of tobacco. No ash, no smoke and very less smell. It is an ideal option for smokers who are health-conscious and they want something that is safe and clean. If you are in search of a classic tobacco flavour, Heets Silver Selection will be the best bet for you.

HEETS Flavour Selection:

Looking to try out new and exciting flavours in your IQOS device? Like something that is tangy or something that is full of cool menthol kicks? The HEETS Flavours will do this job for you. Whether you are looking for something that gives you the same feeling as Marlboro Red or something that has the same taste as a cigar. If you are looking for something exciting and full of flavour, try out the Heets Purple Wave from our collection.

So who’s stopping you from indulging with this amazing device and loading your favourite flavour heat stick in it? Just get this from us, load the Heets in it and enjoy a good time.


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