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Pak Vapes is dedicated to creating sugary, lip-smacking iced fruit pop flavors to make your vaping experience extremely pleasant.

Check out an extensive range of fruity-flavored e-liquids we have for you. You can find all those flavors that you want to experience the real difference. We have different types of fruit-rich flavors that will tickle your taste buds.

Choose your favorite ice fruit pop liquid flavors from a distinguished collection we offer.

Juicy MANGO DRAGON fruit pop liquid is a proven desirable flavor with a new twist of dragon fruit! This delicious blend is exceptionally pleasing to the sense of your taste. You will enjoy your moments with e-cigarette or vape bong with an absolutely rich fruit blend.

BLUEBERRY LEMONADE is a mouthwatering fruit pop liquid that’s sure to get your senses jerking. It’s the best and easy summer recipe to make your vaping experience wonderful. This is a perfect e-juice for your favorite vaping device!

STRAWBERRY KIWI iced fruit pop is a yummy amalgam of fruity goodness, giving you the natural essence of tart kiwis and sun-ripened strawberries. This perfect blend with salty touch will compel you to vape again and again.

The tasty BIG APPLE ice fruit pop liquid is another composite of fresh tart red apples available with a pleasantly sugary concentrate coupled. Its minty taste makes this classic flavor tasty by giving it the contemporary touch that you want.

BLUEBERRY LEMONADE iced fruit pop includes fresh, sweet, and tart blueberries thrown into your mouth. This is another classic flavor we have for you. So, frequently take long sips of freshly mashed lemonade, and enjoy inhalation and exhalation with great moments.

STRAWBERRY WATERMELON is a classic candy ice fruit pop liquid. It is an energizing blend of juicy strawberry and sweet watery red melon followed by minty menthol. This blend of e-liquid is one of the most favorite flavors for those who love fruit-based blend. 

BLUE RASPBERRY iced fruit pop liquid is one that really gives you an epic vape experience that you can’t forget! This is a delicious ice Hard Candy e-juice that provides a tasteful Raspberry.

Some of the savory, distinctive blends of iced fruit pop e-liquid that we offer give you a chilly sensation. With a wide variety of different fresh and fruity blends with ice touch, you might end up finding yourself getting out there and purchasing them all. Whether you prefer fruit, candy, menthol, or any other blends of vape e-liquid, you can find a great variety of vape juices.

Our flavored iced fruit liquids give your taste bud a sensational feeling. And when it happens, you’ll begin to envisage what astonishing journey you’d like to begin next and how you would get the most delight possible.

Our Iced and Flavored version of e-liquids with sweet, salty, and cool menthol kick will cool you down these hottest summer days!


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