Vape tanks are a very important part of modern e-cigarettes. Their job is to basically store the e-liquid for a short period of time until it can be vaporized. Initially, vape tanks were different than they are now. The basic concept is the same, however, with time, companies have built upon the original concept and made vape tanks better, of improved quality, and worked on increasing the overall user-friendliness. 

In this blog, we are going to talk about modern vape tanks

What is a vape tank made up of?

The vape tank consists of a number of parts, all of which perform different functions. 

  • Outer tube

This is usually made of pyrex so you can see through it and monitor its level. It contains a top cap and a bottom cap. The two of them hold e-liquid in between which is what the vaper needs to monitor. Ideally, the liquid levels should not fall too low. 

Apart from storing the liquid, the top cap is from where the liquid is filled, and the bottom cap is usually threaded to help conduct power to the coil.

  • Drip tip

This is the mouthpiece from where one draws the vapor. In most cases, this is removable and replaceable.

  • Coil

One of the most important things is the coil. It is made up of an atomizer, coil, and wick. The atomizer causes the liquid to convert to vapor. 

Coil, as the name implies, receives the charge and heats and reheats enough to conduct and release the vapor. 

The wick absorbs the e-liquid and helps it get converted to vapor. Even though lots of materials can be used as a wick, cotton is usually used, because it is cost-effective, and a very good absorbent. 

  • Minor parts

Obviously, there are a few other parts in a vape tank, like a central tube which may or may not be present, and o rings that help fix the top and button caps, as well as the drip tips to their respective locations.

How to use a vape tank?

As mentioned earlier, a lot of work has been done on vape tanks to make them more user-friendly and customize them according to the vapers’ needs. The best vape tanks usually come sealed and in good packaging. 

When you first purchase your tank, it is better to explore and look at all the parts and thoroughly see what it is about so that no damage is done later on. 

You can wash the tank but NEVER the coil head. 

Now that you are reassembling the tank, put a little bit of juice into juice ports before putting it on the coil. If part of the wick is exposed, it is better to dab some on there too. DO NOT put in too much juice. 

Now you can fill up the tank, and wait for a few minutes, approximately 10 to 15 minutes. This will help in an efficient vaping process as this will be a good enough time for adequate liquid absorption into coils. 

Now, you may vape away! You’ve done the assembly, filled the e-liquid, and waited for it to heat up. Now, you may enjoy your favorite flavor all you want!

Do vape tanks need cleaning?

Vape tanks cannot last forever. Wear and tear are common and there is also an accumulation of materials and waste on the coils and tubes. The more care you show, the longer your tank might last. You can gently rinse your tank so that the buildup can be washed.

However, cleaning tanks needs to be done carefully because if you become too careless, it might damage one of the components. 

Vape tank prices in Pakistan

Looking to buy a high-quality, long-lasting vape tank in Pakistan? Although prices vary depending on the company and the kind of tank, a good vape tank may cost you anywhere around 4000 to 10,000 PKR. 

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