The potential side effects are of different forms when you vape. However, the electronic cigarette is not considered hazardous to health, and such side effects can certainly appear from its use. However, these effects are highly variable because of too many influential factors. These factors include the type of e-liquid, the accessories, the daily vaping amount, past health conditions, etc.

This post presents 9 potential side effects of vaping. So, if you like vaping, you should know about these side effects.

1. Dry Mouth

We will put dry mouth first on the list because it is one of the best-known effects. If you vape excessively, you may face the thirsty problem. Generally, this effect is associated with the e-liquid’s base: PG and VG (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin).

It is confirmed that you will feel thirst when the PG of the liquid is higher. If you become extremely dehydrated, any mouthwash will wash it off speedily. Naturally, drinking water should reduce thirst.

2. Rough and Irritating Throat

The e-liquid components or the configuration in the coils you have can irritate your throat. Due to overheating, the coils can generate metal particles that can cause a sore throat.

Another factor related to a rough and irritating throat is an excessive amount of nicotine in the e-liquid. If you continuously feel soreness, change your liquid, as most of the times the e-liquids are the main cause of throat soreness.

Regarding coils, nichrome coils can lead to throat soreness. It is thus advised to simply change to Kanthal from stainless steel.

3. Cough

Typically, vapors report coughing problems, especially beginners. It must be considered that a cigarette’s blow is very different from inhaling steam.

This can be solved by lowering the nicotine dose in the e-liquid. You then need to check the air inlets in the atomizer that are completely open. Finally, you must check that the coils are not burned (in the case of using commercial coil atomizers).

It would be good for beginners to use nicotine at least 6mg, as it easily causes a cough. When you inhale steam, it directly goes to your lungs. When you do this, it is recommended to not close the throat, as this automatically causes a cough.

4. Headache

Headaches are very common for people who have just started vaping. Getting a dose of nicotine is not the same alkaloid nicotine type that is found in tobacco.

There is a physiological effect of the alkaloids in tobacco on the user. When you discontinue them, you may face side effects. Tobacco nicotine includes around 95% alkaloid content, which increases physical reliance on nicotine. So for those who have recently stopped smoking, the nicotine in regular e-liquids may not be enough to prevent headaches.

Leaving the nicotine alkaloids in tobacco is a reason. But, headache is also due to other chemicals that the body asks for from cigarettes. So, it is just a simple de-intoxication process.

5. Dizziness

Similar to the smoking effect initially, it is not uncommon to experience dizziness. This happens very commonly if vape pods in Pakistan are used with nicotine salts. Even for those with experience, sometimes using a very high nicotine dose results in normal dizziness.

So, the body must get used to the dose, if you continuously get dizzy, just lower the amount of nicotine.

6. Lose Weight

Vaping does not reduce weight, and even no concrete evidence exists. What is known is that nicotine is an appetite suppressant, especially in the smoking context. So, taking into account that nicotine is a tonic like caffeine, it can be involved in burning fat. Remember that burning fat is different from weight loss.

The loss of appetite may be reduced in those who vape flavored e-liquids sweets. Therefore, they consume sugars.

On the other hand, when you stop vaping, you may develop increased anxiety and sugar intake. Ultimately, the result is weight gain.

7. Nausea

Nausea is most likely caused by too high nicotine dose. These effects are akin to the use of other nicotine substitution therapies, such as patches or gum.

An excessive amount of nicotine can also lead to some effects on the stomach, such as irritation or heartburn.

So, you need to reduce nicotine to reduce nausea.

8. Fatigue

Paradoxically, nicotine is a relaxant as well as a stimulant, depending on the dose. Nicotine generally leads you to boost your mental alertness. If so, it is customary that later you experience a drop. The reason is when caffeine is used to rouse when the effect wears off, fatigue also arrives.

The reason for this problem is not only vaping but using stimulant substances to maintain a rhythm is behind your fatigue. So, improve your diet by consuming a higher consumption of fruit and vegetables. Your tiredness and fatigue will be reduced automatically.

Chest Pain

The most common reason for this problem is that people, who have just substituted the cigarette for the vape, suffer chest pain.

In case of chest pain, it may be attributable to excess heat, much nicotine or some specific e-liquid components. Flavors containing cinnamon flavor cal also cause chest pain.

So, you should change coils, atomizer and e-liquid. If you continuously feel pain while vaping, you should take it seriously. Therefore, take a doctor’s advice.

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