BLVK are an award-winning vape e-juice brand. They started out in 2016 to offer traditional smokers a safer alternative to traditional smoking. They wanted to offer high-quality e-juices to all vapers out there and give them a whole new burst of flavor.

They had seen the effects of cigarettes and wanted to help people quit them and transition over to vaping. So, they combined their experiences in vaping and created BLVK to serve people the best vape juices they could buy.

And they certainly succeeded, because BLVK is considered one of the most popular and successful brands of e-liquids out there and is the go-to choice of e-juice for many. The vape community regards BLVK products quite highly. BLVK’s main focus is producing icy flavors that will freeze your brain, but in a good way, and make you experience the full depth of their flavors. They also specialize in vape accessories.

So, read below some of the flavors that have captured the attention of all vapers, beginners and enthusiasts.


If there is one thing Blvk n Yellow do well, it’s that they create exotic flavor combinations that are sure to dazzle you. Mango Passion Ice is one of them, as it combines the icy throat hit of menthol with the exotic flavor of passionfruit and the classic flavor of delicious and ripe mangoes. The nicotine content of this particular e-juice is 35 MG and is available in 50VG/50PG configuration.


Take the same classic flavor of ripe mangoes but this time give it a twist and combine it with tasty bananas, along with a cold dash of menthol. That is the flavor you get with this mango banana ice flavor. This flavor has a good throat hit and the depth of it is very satisfying and quite tropical.


Get ready for a citrusy and tangy overload of lemon with a cut of zesty tangerines. This flavor is sure to deliver a sharp hit to your throat just on the basis that its a citrusy flavor. The sharpness is then undercut by the characteristic menthol ice which makes for a cool but unique citrusy flavor that is sure to make its place in your favorite flavors list.


Nobody does unique flavors better than Blvk. That is evident in this passion grape ice flavor that combines two unlikely flavors yet again and still nails the mark. Passionfruit, always the tropical choice, is combined with sweet grapes that will definitely give a buzz to your taste buds.


Why spend a lot of money on a cigar when you could get the taste for far cheaper and usable for much longer. BLVK does classics well, too, when it brings you the luxurious and rich taste of Cuban cigars. The throat hit with this is sure to be smooth and relax you just like a real Cuban cigar would. At the same time, the flavor will be just as present too. The vapor clouds will also impress.


BLVK’s FRZN line is the one that focuses on the menthols much more seriously than it would in other lines. With their Frznberry flavor, they combine the sweet and tangy hit of strawberries with an icy menthol wind that will send the chill right down to your bones. Its 70VG/30PG ratio will ensure that you produce thick and heavy clouds.


Caramel tobacco brings you the sweet and sticky taste of caramel without the stickiness, and the strong taste of tobacco is there to combine with. It might not be the most unique mixture but it more than makes up for it in the depth and sweetness of its taste. This flavor also comes with the 70VG/30PG ratio that guarantees good clouds and a good experience overall.


Ever had a green apple and a red apple at the same time. Did the contrast of tastes feel good? Want that in a vape flavor? Well then, this flavor is for you. The first hit will feel like that first bite into both apples. The menthol blast that this flavor contains just serves to enhance the flavor while relaxing your senses at the same time.


Picking just eight great flavors was hard, considering every flavor that BLVK put out is on another level. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an enthusiast. If you want to explore new, exciting and unique flavors, then BLVK flavors are a must-try. And you can get these and many more flavors at PakVapes. We offer the best vapes in Pakistan at great prices that you won’t be able to resist.