We have seen overwhelming popularity of Vaping in Pakistan during the last 5 years. Vaping has been receiving popularity since its inception in 2007 in the US. Since then, vaping has dramatically evolved. Now, various types of the vaporizer are available in the market, depending on the different types of vaping styles. These include pod systems, vape mods, starter kits, and others. If you want to buy vape tanks online, or other accessories, first review this post to make your experience with a vape bong better. You will have 6 key tips discussed in this post, which will let you to enjoy great moments with friends or alone.

What is vape bong?

A bong is mostly to describe glassware attached to a desktop vape or portable dry herb vaporizer. In bong, participles are filtered and smoke passes through some water to cool the smoke down. Also, the water does a little filtering. The amalgamation makes for a smoother vaping experience. While using a transparent bong, it is easy to see the whole process.

6 Tips to Make Your Experience with a Vape Bong Better

1. Fill water in the bong

Before using the bong, doing a little prep work is essential. And it is an easy process.  Filling it with water is the first thing you have to do. If you have never used a bong before, you must put in enough water so that part of the stem is deluged. In general, 3-7cm of the stem in the water is important, depending on your bong size. (Most bongs are clear, so you can see the part of the stem that is deluged.)

Tip: Some people do not use water to fill their bongs, as they prefer other liquids. This way enhances the smoke flavor. To make your experience with a vape bong better, you have the options, including fruit juices, tea, and peppermint. Besides, you can also use a special touch with lemon or orange peels.

2. Load it with grass

Some smokers prefer to fill the bong bowl with cannabis before putting the stem in it. And others do so with the stem in place at all times. You can try both to see which one makes your experience with a vape bong better.

Before filling the bowl, you need to use your fingers or a grinder to rip up the bud into smaller pieces. If you think it is necessary, you can put a filter in the bowl. So, you need to put the shredded material in the bowl. If you have friends and are going to smoke with them, putting enough weed is good so that everyone can enjoy it. If you have removed the stem, now insert it into its hole.

3. The carburetor

The way to use a bong will rely on whether it has a carburetor or not. The carburetor is a small hole typically located on the bong’s side or back. If the bong has it, you need to plug it using your thumb.

4. Light the bud

Now, you need to light the herb in the bowl. Carefully grasp the bong, place your mouth on the mouthpiece, and enjoy inhaling. Use a good lighter, but do not burn the bowl completely. If you want to share with others, light only part of the bowl and do not turn the entire bud to ash. It is good manners.

5. Fill the bong with smoke

When you light the bowl, you can start inhaling using the mouthpiece to fill smoke in the chamber. Are you still clogging the carburetor? Good! You need to keep filling the bong until the desired amount of smoke you make sure. Now, you can take a puff.

6. Water temperature

The water temperature can be a crucial aspect when you come to preparing a bong. The role of room temperature is pivotal for many smokers and maybe you too. However, you can ensure some benefits to enhance the experience using hot or cold water.

Hot water is best because it produces softer, more pleasant hits. The water with the temperature of a teacup helps you avoid throat irritation. It removes some of the harshness typically related to the smoke of a bong. Not only the smoke resulting from the flower burning is inhaled, but you also inhale the hot water steam. This is an ancient practice to soothe throat irritation and decongest the nose.

On the other hand, cold water cools the smoke rather than heating it, producing thick, whitish puffs. Cold water is helpful to condense the smoke, making the hits stronger. Therefore, some bongs produce a similar effect, as they have ice chambers. Chilled smoke may irritate the throat, and it is one of the drawbacks of inhaling.

To sum up, if you prefer hot, cold, or room temperature water, it is up to your personal preference. If you prefer hot water, it makes puffs easier to inhale. It favors you if you tend to cough a lot. In contrast, cold smoke offers solid hits with a high profusion of cannabinoids, but it could help you get rid  of your cough.

Vape in Pakistan is becoming very common. Therefore, Pak Vapes is here to contribute to it. More and more people in the country are moving toward this new fashion to see what the hype is all about. It is not only just a fashion, but if you are a chain smoker, you can stop smoking gradually. So, use our vaping products, and it is up to you, you vape with your friend for enjoyment, or for quitting conventional cigarettes.