The culture of vaping has strengthened its roots in Pakistan over the last five years. People who were former smokers have now switched to vaping to satisfy their tobacco cravings. Some even use vaporizers as a way to shoo away their unhealthy habit of smoking. 

Smoking is a major alarming factor for most countries, and the statistics are rapidly increasing in third world countries like Pakistan. Due to the various health risks that traditional tobacco smoke poses to human health, more and more people were developing cancer and other illnesses. 

A country like Pakistan could not afford the increasing wave of tobacco addiction. This is where e-cigarettes came in. Vaping has now become a trend in the region as more and more people learn about its safety profile. The market has also expanded over the years so much, that now you can see vape stores every few miles. The easier accessibility, long-term use, odor-free smoke, and absence of pure tobacco are some of the reasons why people prefer e-cigarettes over the traditional ones. 

Why Vaping Is Gaining Popularity?

In this blog, we have covered some main points that highlight the reasons for the switch. The trend of vaping is popular due to the following reasons.

1. More Awareness Of The Disadvantages Of Tobacco:

We have noticed that most users of vaping devices are educated young adults or older people. This is because they are well aware of the health risks associated with cigarette smoking. They know that the smoke emitted from traditional cigarettes contains harmful chemicals like ammonia, lead, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, etc. 

They also know all too well why there is an increasing number of lung cancer patients in the country. Not only that, chain-smoking can lead to elevated heart pressure, breathing issues, and other physical effects as well. Even passive smokers are likely to get these side effects as well. Therefore, people have started switching to the safer alternative of vaping. 

2. A Safer And Cost Effective Alternative:

With the increasing wave of health issues, people started looking for an alternative that was not only safer health-wise, but also helped them save a few rupees. Vapes not only eliminated tobacco from smoking, but also provided a cost-effective method to satisfy one’s cravings. These compact electronic devices come with a rechargeable battery that you can energize after it dies down. This way, people were able to use it for a lot longer than traditional cigarettes. 

3. Allows Tobacco-Free Smoking:

One reason for the increasing trend of vaping is the fact that this kind of smoking does not contain tobacco. This way, people are not exposed to any of the health issues associated with tobacco use. Unlike traditional smokes that contain a specific amount of tobacco upon every puff, a vape allows you to control your dose. 

4. Ability To Adjust Your Dosage:

You can adjust the amount of nicotine inhaled at each puff by choosing an e-liquid with your preferred nicotine strength. These nicotine-containing liquids come in varying concentrations, so users can manipulate their dose. 

You can even choose a nicotine-free e-liquid if that is what you prefer. Additionally, you will not end up smelling smoke even after you have vaped for hours. So as people explored the benefits of vaping, they started switching to this less-harmful option.

5. Odorless Smoke:

Unlike cigarettes, you can create large clouds of smoke with a vape without having to smell the unpleasant odor of tobacco. Smokers were seeking something that will let them smoke around people without making them uncomfortable with the smell. Additionally, this smoke is harmless as it does not contain all the harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke. That is why the culture of vaping is rapidly growing.

Here are some reasons why vaporizers in Pakistan are becoming so popular and trendy. If you are also a smoker looking to make the switch, you can explore the collection of vaping products at Pak Vapes.