Nicotine salts are different from freebase liquids. These powdered forms of flavors are directly derived from tobacco leaves, making them a lot more stable than liquid flavors. If you are a beginner vaper or a former smoker, you can try nicotine salt to satisfy your cravings. These contain a higher nicotine concentration, which means that they will keep away your cravings in a more efficient way. 


Additionally, nic salts are associated with a smoother taste and a lighter nicotine bite. They do not provide a strong throat hit, which translates to maximum comfort for a new vaper. Nic salt and vape prices in Pakistan have also significantly reduced over the past few years due to increased imports. This means that you can now easily buy them online or off-the-rack without breaking your bank.


One of the best nic salt brands in Pakistan is 7 Daze. These come in a lightweight and compact bottle with an easy-to-use dropper. You can easily refill your vape devices and enjoy the luxurious flavors. 


The brand has a whole range of flavors, which can confuse a new vapor. They have created various palate-pleasing fruit blends that combine their signature red apple taste in them. If you are an apple lover, you should explore their range to find your favorites.  

Our Top Picks:

With so many choices in the market, you may not be able to find the nicotine salt that suits you the best. That is why we have developed this guide, so you can select the right Daze flavor for yourself. 

1. Fruit Mix:

This fruit blend is one of the most invigorating flavors in their range. As soon as you take a puff of this heavenly flavor, you will achieve a smooth sensation with a pleasant throat hit. The salt is infused with three distinct flavors that make up a nice combination. The sweetness of pineapples combined with the citrusy touch of oranges works to balance the taste of this nic salt. At the same time, you will also taste the tartness of passion fruit. This is great for those who like to try fruit blends that are both sweet and sour. 

2. Peach:

Feel the refreshing touch of mint and peach with this fruity menthol mix. This is a heavenly concoction that combines the taste of frozen peaches with a hint of menthol. The flavor is further enhanced with the red apple flavor that is a signature of Daze 7. If you want to achieve a refreshing sensation after a vaping session, this flavor is for you. It blends in the sweet and reviving flavors to give its users the best experience. 

3. Strawberry:

The two most flavor-rich fruits, watermelon, and apple are mixed together to create this flavor. Imagine tasting chilled watermelon with juicy apples at the same time. Yes, that is the flavor you will achieve from this nicotine salt. It also incorporates an icy menthol touch to cool down a vaper’s nerves. The concoction is sure to quench your thirst for nicotine while giving you a chilling and refreshing kick.

4. Grape:

This flavor combines the sweet and tangy elements of grapes with the refreshing touch of menthol. The icy rendition is one of the favorites of many vapers due to the diverse flavors that it incorporates. On top of that, you will also taste the flavor of frozen juicy red apples, which will further elevate your experience up to ten folds.

These are some of the most liked flavors of Daze. If you are a fruit lover, you are sure to find something you love in their collection. Additionally, if you are looking to buy these flavors, you can visit Pak Vapes. We are an online store selling vapes in Pakistan, but we also have a wide collection of e juices and nic salts. Visit our store and find your best picks at affordable rates.